Our fundamentals are as follows:

1.) Everyone should have a good working computer to be productive with.
2.) Every NEW computer should have new components in it, not anything older than a year.
3.) Every NEW computer should be easily setup and operate quite well from purchasing.
4.) Every NEW computer should have self-serve software support via web based help, to aid in proper usage.
5.) Customers should have the added bonus to be able to design what they need, not what a salesperson "thinks" they need.
6.) Computers should be always built to order. Never should there be Models, Series, Color Ratings, Levels, or any other way to separate hardware choices.

We've been in business since 1996, serving the GTA area, providing onsite software and hardware support to homes, small and medium businesses. We are able to design custom built PCs and Networks (both wired and wireless). Our rates are competitive with the inclusion of charity and senior rates make us affordable to those with limited resources.

We hope to assist you soon.